Blooming Visions

TRICIA PAOLUCCIO X JWANA HAMDAN – The new Capsule Collection by Jwana Hamdan, previewed during Milan Design Week, is a contemporary dialogue between floral art and lyrical gardens.

JWANA HAMDAN, the outdoor design brand founded by the Italo-Lebanese entrepreneur of the same name, unveils its new Capsule Collection TRICIA PAOLUCCIO X JWANA HAMDAN, born from the collaboration with the Californian artist expert in the art of pressed flowers and the creation of floral patterns with a strong visual impact.

Tricia Paoluccio, who counts among her esteemed collaborations a prestigious fashion house, brings her expertise and artistic flair to the creation of two exclusive floral designs, specifically conceived for the outdoor brand. The designs, reinterpreted through the vision of Jwana Hamdan, give life to an unprecedented textile project, characterized by weaving techniques of high complexity and detail.

The inspiration for the collection stems from Jwana Hamdan’s desire to express through design the beauty and essence of nature, evoking a cultural heritage distinguished by a rich poetic and literary tradition. The lush gardens, often referenced in Middle Eastern poetry, are powerful metaphors to represent human emotions, social interactions, and the ceaseless movement of life, weaving a fabric that intertwines spiritual depth with sensory exploration.

On the occasion of Milan Design Week, the brand will set up the evocative terrace of TED Suite Milano, the historic villa at Via Giovanni Randaccio 5, attributed to architect Giò Ponti, transforming it into a romantic corner of poetry. Among the novelties, an unprecedented dining proposal signed by Lorenza Bozzoli: the ALÌ table, with its sinuous aluminum structure supports an elegant lava stone top, demonstrating the perfect union between aesthetics and materiality, along with the ALIYA dining chairs elegantly dressed in the new capsule’s floral-themed fabrics.

The preview of the collection is part of the event Blooming Visions, curated by interior designer Ilaria Ferraro. A project that aims to envelop visitors in a universe of floral visions and design conceptions, offering an immersive experience in the dynamic interplay between nature and human creativity.

LOCATION: TED Suite Milano, Via Giovanni Randaccio 5
OPEN TO THE PUBLIC – From April 15th to April 21st, from 10:00 to 18:00.

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