Galaxy Warriors / RE-PUBLISH

This work of the RE-PUBLISH series, was made in 2001 in Milan and published on Addict Magazine (Belgium). The revisited images show the work in a new and distorted form to better interpret the mood of life in 2022.


Women warrior-people live at the bounds of our galaxy. They move lightly in space, inside of coloured, gassy bubbles. They wear uniforms that identify the duty and power grade of each one.


Photographer: Daniela Iraci

Photo Assistant: Giulio Carnevali

Styling: Stacey Lamble at Victoria’s

Make up and Hair: Andrea Reis at Aldo Coppola the Ag.

Models: Bianka at Fashion Model Management, Davy and Sofia at Names, Lulla at Tomei Models Run

Daniela Iraci
Special thanks to:
Addict Magazine