Ninka Pop designs unique and colourful jewellery for those who dare to stand out. Straying away from today’s minimalist aesthetic, Ninka Pop embraces the bright and the bold, the loud and the courageous.

Sayra Lopez, the designer behind Ninka Pop, encourages us to get radical- a term that perfectly summarises the Ninka Pop aesthetic. As Sayra describes it, radical fashion is about being brave and standing up for what you believe in.

Sayra believes that we can challenge the status quo and fully embrace ourselves through fashion. The term radical is rooted in the culture of the 80s. This association to the 80s is particularly fitting as Ninka Pop draws inspiration from both the 80s and 90s, Memphis Design and Vaporware. The inspiration behind the Ninka Pop name? Sayra’s daughter, little Ninka. 

Ninka Pop produces an eclectic range of designs varying from chunky chains, neon red lip studs, dangling earrings featuring men’s faces collaged with tropical flowers, iridescent earrings picturing ‘the void’- and so much more. 

Every item is designed, made, painted and assembled by Sayra herself in Zurich, Switzerland. Ninka Pop believes in slow fashion, sustainable design practices, and creating with intention. Therefore, most of Ninka Pop’s collections are limited edition, and new collections come out approximately every three months.



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