“Ho visitato tantissimi luoghi per fare campionamenti insieme a scienziati e ricercatori, e abbiamo trovato sacchetti ovunque: nei ghiacci polari e nel mare Artico, nel fiume Po e nel Mediterraneo. Ne abbiamo visti perfino sulle vette delle montagne.” (Franco Borgogno – autore de “Un Mare di plastica”)

To change something, just “do” something. Anyone can contribute to a change, with their own means. We have realized a photographic project. The whole world throws its nets receiving plastic waste in exchange. The same net gives life to a small red fish that is representing the entire marine community, in which plastic fragments are recognizable (constantly present). In Asia, Africa, America and Europe the rivers that pour most pollution into the sea are: The “Yangtze” in China that transports up to 1.5 million tons of plastic into the sea every year, the “Nile” that flows into the Mediterranean Sea , the “Amazon River” in Brazil and the “Danube” in Romania that carries from 530 to 1500 tons. Using Google Earth servers we have imprinted the course of these rivers in photographs, which have been inkjet printed on transparent plastic sheets. Photographed on a white wall that, with its texture, brings us back to the stalemate of pollution on the sea. The subject itself is the executioner and victim of its own waste. Consider that every person brings inside his body 50k of plastic particles with food and water. Supported by one of the industrial realities, that deals with the recycling of plastic materials in the Italian territory: Italrec srl. Here, large HD polyethylene walls, industrial material and polypropylene have new life with recycling.

MC2.8: Maria Chiara Maffi and Chiara Giancamilli are a female duo of fine art photographers. What bounds them together is the passion for art and photography.





Maria Chiara Maffi / Chiara Giancamilli