“Roxy Beat”: behind the stage


Emotional photography is the definition that best suits my work as a photographer; every single photo, every single work as varied as a kaleidoscope is inevitably filled with my experience, with my emotions. The photographic act overlaps and inevitably intersects with everything that permeates my days: ideas, readings, passions, music, pain, hopes and fears. It is therefore a necessary, instinctive act of action from which I cannot escape.

But if I reflect on the meaning of a single photograph I never know exactly what to do with it and what to deduce from it, but if I look at them all together I can intuit a meaning, an architecture and a trend that would otherwise be hidden in the folds of thought. It’s as if each of my photographs were a word that, if placed next to the others, constructed sentences revealing an otherwise unreadable discourse; through these combinations, these dissonances I decode my secret life, but the truest one. If I were to compare my work with the image to a literary composition it would undoubtedly be an elegy: a sincere, spontaneous, inevitably autobiographical poem, a confession that does not care about the form but the meaning.

I have never loved exercises in style as an end in themselves, exasperated technique, the dullness of form and aesthetics devoid of a content that aims to move. Behind the stage name “Roxy Beat” stands Italian photographer Rossana Battisti.

Born in Terni, based in Bergamo. Her practice mainly features self portraiture and experimentation with different materials and media and her work is characterized by a remarkable symbolism. Battisti considers that what makes dreams so powerful is that they carry a profound, enlightening knowledge and are capable of transmitting wisdom and energy.